Cool Bathroom Spray Recipe Ideas

Cool Bathroom Spray Recipe Ideas. Cap the bottle and shake before each use. Steps to make room spray:

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Steps to make room spray: Spray your entire bathroom, including bath, shower screen and sink. Begin by pouring the hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, liquid dish soap, and the dishwasher rinse aid into a spray bottle of at least a 32 oz size.

You Can Also Spray Inside The Toilet Bowl, Bath Mats, Or The Shower Curtains To Freshen.

Mist into the air as needed. Combine the ingredients in a glass spray bottle like this one (essential oils don’t do well in plastic bottles) and spritz on the toilet water before you go. 25 drops eucalyptus essential oil & 25 drops peppermint essential oil.

Fill The Rest Of The Bottle With Distilled Water And Give It A Shake.

Fill the bottle with 2 ounces distilled water. All you need to do is mix one cup of warm white vinegar with two tablespoons of dish soap and four drops of tea tree oil together in a spray bottle. Spray bottle (we recommend using this dark spray bottle for storing your homemade oily poo spray!) alternative oil drop combination #1:

To Make A 4 Oz.

Top off the spray bottle with water, secure the spray top, and shake well to combine all ingredients. Basically just 3 but because i used an essential oil blend with 2 essential oils, it adds up to 4 ingredients. Now let’s get on to the miracle essential oil bathroom spray recipe.

8 To 10 Drops Of Essential Oil (Optional For Scent.

Cap the bottle and shake before each use. I have the mixture in the glass for your convenience so you can reference the coloring. Let the mixture absorb for 10 minutes.

Essential Oil Bathroom Spray Recipe.

Rinse with warm water and wipe any. Stir bottle to mix essential oil and salt. Spritz directly into the toilet bowl to create a film over the water.

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