+19 Bathroom Faucet Removal Instructions References

+19 Bathroom Faucet Removal Instructions References. Connects the drain pipe to the sink. Clean up excess silicone with mineral spirits.

Then, remove the screw and set it in a safe place. Then remove the faucet spout using a hex key. Lift the faucet out from the top.

Use An Adjustable Wrench To Loosen And Remove The Flexible Extension From The Faucet.

Pry the faucet body away from the sink or countertop using a putty knife. Connects the drain pipe to the sink. Once the cover is removed, you will be using the 3 mm allen key.

6 Steps To Disassembling Your Grohe Bathroom Faucet Step 1:

Flathead or philips screwdriver depending on the faucet; Next, install the drain body and rubber washer through the top of the sink. Use a 3/32 hex wrench to loosen the set screw located in the back of the lever handle.

Find The Water Source Beneath The Shelving Unit Or Valve And Turn Off It.

The valve can now be replaced or other repairs made. Then, remove the screw and set it in a safe place. Turning off the water source.

Wear Safety Goggles And Gloves And Protect Your Skin While Removing The Faucet From Your Sink.

The faucet may be stuck in place, so some force may be required to remove it. Drain the remaining water into the bucket. Unscrew the mounting nut that is holding the flange and tailpiece onto the sink basin as far down as it will go.

To Release The Cartridge, Use A Pair Of Pliers To Pull The Retainer Clip Straight Out.

If you have flexible supply lines, you’ll likely be able to use them again. Consider buying a basin wrench for under $20. Secure it with the lock nut.

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